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D4R7 New Danube Crossing

2017, Bratislava


The D4R7- Bratislava Bypass is a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project, for the design, construction, financing, operation, and maintenance of around 60 km of the D4 Highway (Bratislava bypass road) the R7 expressway.

This new infrastructure will allow the flow of around 35000 vehicles per day, in both directions, since a big percentage will be heavy traffic. The D4R7’s project will decrease, right after its conclusion, the daily traffic towards the Pristavny bridge by 15,11% for light-duty vehicles and 49,62% for heavy-duty vehicles.

The main engineering elements on this project are the Danube and Kayak Bridges and their respective approaches, in which ConstruGomes was the main responsible for the complete construction of the decks as well as, the construction of the foundation and piers of the Danube and Kayak Bridges.

The works that were within ConstruGomes’ scope were the assembly, operation, and disassembly of all the formwork equipment for the construction of the deck, the assemble of the reinforcement, the post-tensioning works, and the concrete pour of the deck of the Danube and Kayak Bridges and their approaches. The formwork and reinforcement works and subsequent concrete pour of the foundation and pier of the Danube and Kayak Bridge were also awarded to ConstruGomes.

Technical Solution

Four pairs of form travellers FT5 capable of executing segments of 5 meters
Two Movable Scaffolding System M1-70-S
Three Wing Travellers CM20

Technical Features

Full length | 2,933.00 m
Kayak Bridge max. span | 210.00 m
Danube Bridge max. span | 170.00 m
East Viaduct Approach max. span | 70.00 m
West Viaduct Approach max. span | 67.50 m
Width | 34,50 m
No. of spans East Viaduct | 18
No. of spans West Viaduct | 12