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Viaducto sobre el río Narcea

2015, Oviedo


The Narce's river valley has significant ecological and heritage value. For that reason the viaduct project included many technical and architectural features within its design so that all environmental risks and visual impact were kept to a minimum.

Part of the La Espina A-63 highway, in Asturias, the Viaducto sobre el río Narcea is the main infrastructure of the project. the highway will replace the current route that connects Oviedo and La Espina. This work is of utmost importnce to Asturias' occidental area. Being the frist high speed route of the area, it will improve communication and road safety, fomenting the economic integration of the region.

Technical Solution

Pylons built resorting to self-climbing formwork system
First segment executed resorting to great capacity G brackets
Deck built with two pairs of form travellers

Technical Features

Full length | 875.00 m
Max. span between piers | 175.00 m
Piers max. height | 64.00 m
Width | 23.20 m
Segment | 5.00 m