Management Policy

ConstruGomes' Management Policy is based on the fundamental principle of continuous improvement as an integral part of the company's strategic goals. Our vision, mission, values, commitments, and goals are the integral elements of our management policy.

Principles of Sustainability

For ConstruGomes, development is achieved when its business generate value for the stakeholders, thereby supporting social empowerment, maintaining, and improving the health and safety conditions of its employees and neighbouring communities, environmental responsibility, and socio-economic development of the regions where it operates, through conscious management and responsible practices. As a principle, ConstruGomes prioritizes the management of risks and impacts, ensures the safety of the employees and leaving a legacy through its projects, which allows it to support social, economic, and environmental development in the regions where the company operates.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

This Code of Ethics and Conduct applies to all ConstruGomes employees, from the top of the management, to partners, to subcontractors, and all those who directly collaborate with ConstruGomes, either at its headquarters or in the projects across the world where the company or the companies in the group provide services.

This Code of Ethics and Conduct was defined as a model of personality and behaviour of ConstruGomes and must be seen as a pillar in the conduct for all who work at or with ConstruGomes, serving as a guiding document for their personal and professional actions, individual or collective.

These are the guidelines for relations between colleagues, with clients, partners an suppliers or other external entities.