Form Travellers are used in the construction of “in situ” bridge decks, by the cantilever method. This method is essentially based in the construction of symmetrical balanced cantilevers, 3 to 6 meters, from the pylons, designated by segments. After the concreting of a section, the form travellers move through rails for the concreting of the next section, leaning on the preceding segment. The formwork is suspended from the structure of the form traveller using thread bars.

Technology benefits

  • Short assembly/disassembly period;
  • Concreting cycles per segment: 5 days;
  • Optimization of cost/income when compared to other technical solutions;
  • Equipment versatility - easily adjustable to the decks’ geometry and re-adaptable to new projects;
  • Increased safety.


  • Consulting and development of solutions with specific equipment;
  • Possibility of equipment rental;
  • Bridge deck execution with any type of equipment available on the market;
  • Turnkey solutions;
  • Specialized teams for assembling and operating any type of equipment;
  • Coordenação e acompanhamento das obras;
  • Suporte técnico.