Form Travellers Catalogue

15 September, 2023
Specialists in the construction of bridges and viaducts

Form Travellers Catalogue

ConstruGomes is a Portuguese company that specializes in the construction of bridges and viaducts. This focus is perceptible
through the company’s logo consisting of its name and the drawing of a bridge.

Effectively, since its creation, ConstruGomes has been dedicated to the construction of large bridges, also known as works
of art. Over the years, the company has invested heavily in its internal training to respond to the broadest constructive
challenges in this area of activity.

ConstruGomes has helped building numerous bridges and viaducts in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. In all these
projects, ConstruGomes was able not only, to add value to the project and but also to retain knowledge and talent for
future projects. For this very reason, ConstruGomes is recognized as a reference in the construction of these structures.

The focus on project development led the company to create an R&D department. Its mission is the search for technological
solutions and the development of constructive solutions that overcome the numerous challenges that its clients present.

In the area of the construction of bridges and viaducts, the cantilever method is perhaps the most challenging, both because
of the magnitude of the projects where it is implemented, as well as the level of risk to which it is associated.

Thus, and based on the executive experience of its technical staff, as well as the training of its R&D department, ConstruGomes
was able to design, manufacture and operate a set of state-of-the-art equipment for building bridges through the cantilever
method, namely Form Travellers and Wing Travellers, which are benchmarks within the sector.

This catalog will present some of the products already designed, manufactured and operated by ConstruGomes, without
neglecting the fact that the company is able to develop new equipment capable of responding to the challenges launched
by more innovative projects.