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Albertkanaal Massenhoven – Herbouw brug in N14

2020, Zagerijstraat - Massenhoven


The elevation of the Bridge in Massenhoven and the enlargement of the Albert Canal is part of its modernization project. This project includes the mitigation of traffic jams that harshly limit Albert Canal’s capacity.

The new bridge will have two lanes towards Zandhoven, one of the lanes is exclusively for the traffic coming from the E313 and the other one is for the traffic coming from the N14 Lier.

The first phase of ConstruGomes works consists of the pre-assembly and installation of the formwork, and the concrete pour. In a second phase, ConstruGomes will do the abutments and consequently the installation of the formwork and reinforcement and finally the concrete pour.

This work has the peculiarity of being the first where the deck is first done over provisional sports and only posteriorly will it be transferred to its final supports.

Technical Solution


Technical Features

Full length | 123.00 m
Width | 16.00 m