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Constructive Method

A common problem in the execution of bridges is the need for auxiliary structures of relatively high cost, which must be standardized to be used in other projects. In some instances, true secondary structures are necessary to make the assembly of the main structure feasible. Therefore, the in-depth study of the constructive method to be adopted is of paramount importance.

Optimization of
Technical Solutions

ConstruGomes continuously invests in the search for new and better technological operation solutions, to better serve the challenges each project presents. By combining the design of structural element with the technologies at its disposal, ConstruGomes develops optimized and economically attractive technical solutions.

and Planning

Planning and budgeting are decisive factor for the success or failure of a company. Based in its vast experience, ConstruGomes offers its clients real planning and competitive economical proposals adapted to the specifics to each project.


Most of a project’s budget is consumed during its execution. Therefore, is of the utmost importance to ensure that the project is executed according to the planning, budget, safety, and quality demanded. ConstruGomes guarantees its clients the complete fulfilment of these requirements.


We build 360º solutions, anywhere in the world.


We turn the client’s idea into a real solution.


We design and manufacture the technology necessary to the execution.


Our technology knows no borders. We supply the equipment to any part of the world.


We complete the project within the agreed terms and budget.