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Frankfurt PTS - T3 Fahrweg

2019, Frankfurt


Frankfurt International airport is one of the biggest and most important airports in the World. Due to its prime location it's an airport with countless intercontinental connections flights. Considering the increase of flights and users, Fraport, the Public/private identity responsible for the management of the Frankfurt Airport has decided to build a new Terminal, Terminal 3, to answer these needs. With the new Terminal 3, the Frankfurt International Airport will reach 19 million users per year.

ConstruGomes is involved in the construction of infrastructures namely, foundations, piers, and pier heads on the new Airport Metro line that will connect Terminal 1 to the new Terminal 3, the PTS – “Personen Transport Service”. The complexity of this work was mainly to build these new infrastructures- foundations, piers, and pier heads, without constraining the usual operation and the users' daily life of the Frankfurt International Airport.

ConstruGomes is responsible for the construction, installation, and handling of formwork, also responsible for the concrete pour and finishing works. The limited work fronts and the reduced area for the construction site demanded exceptional management and technical capacity to successfully progress with the works. Furthermore, the coordination of our works with the adjacent works on the airport was also an important challenge of the project and contributed to the success of ConstruGomes in it.

Technical Solution

The foundations and piers were executed using formwork panels
The pier heads were done recurring to overhang/cantiliver brackets and sometimes falsework/formwork supported from the ground

Technical Features

Piers max. height | 24.00 m
Max. cantilever pier heads | 10.00 m