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Puente Héroes del Chaco

2020, Asunción


Puente Héroes del Chaco is a bridge under construction that will cross the Paraguay River. This bridge will connect the Paraguayan capital, Asunción, in the east of the country, to the town of Chaco'i, which belongs to the district of Villa Hayes, in the west. In this way, this new structure will be helping to relieve traffic on the Remanso Bridge, located 8 km away. It will be the largest bridge in the capital.

The name of the bridge is a tribute to the combatants of the Chaco War. The symbolic act of laying the first stone occurred on June 12, 2020, the date on which the 85 years of the Chaco Peace were celebrated, a protocol that ended the war between Bolivia and Paraguay.

ConstruGomes is the appointed subcontractor, thus making a major contribution to the project. In addition, it is also responsible for the execution of the cable section of the deck and the supply of the FT6 Form Travellers for its construction.

Technical Solution

Two pairs of ConstruGomes FT6 form travellers capable of executing 6 meters long segments and 31.22 meters wide in a single concreting phase

Technical Features

Full length | 2,609.00 m
Main bridge max. span | 300.00 m
Approaches max. span | 28.16 m
Piers max. height | 26.21 m
Width | 31.22 m
Segment | 6.00 m
No. of spans | 66