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Túnel de Adução de Gouvães

2019, Ribeira da Pena


This project’s goal was to complete the internal coating of a tunnel that will exclusively work for the conveyance of water. The tunnel has a final internal section of 7,30 m and a length of 4,546.90 linear meters. For the performance of this coating, it was used two Formwork travellers, Full-round model, each one started on one of the ends of the tunnel and worked their way to the centre of it.

The tunnel’s section is cast in one phase only, using a stationary pumping system and concrete distribution to a series of formwork apertures and concrete outfalls. The concrete vibration was done recurring to vibrating pokers and formwork vibrators on the lower half, on the upper half it was only used the formwork vibrators. The stop-ends of the formwork were done using traditional timber formwork and after the cast of the element, the stop-ends were scabbled to guarantee the adherence of the concrete. The tunnel was coated with concrete and only on areas of greater geologic vulnerability was used reinforced concrete.

Technical Solution

Automated 30ml Full-Round tunnel formwork traveller
Integral formwork with 12ml length
Formwork expansion capacity to 15ml
Formwork resistant to 60KN/m2

Technical Features

Full length | 4,546.90 m
Inner diameter | 7.30 m
Min. wall thickness | 0.30 m
Segments | 12.00 m
No. of concrete pourings | 374
Concrete volume | 63,509.00 m3