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Royers Lock

2020, Antwerp


The new pumping station will catch the rain waters brought in by the city center and some peripheral areas’ sewage system, to discharge into the Schelde River. The aging of the existing helical pump and pumping station of wastewater caused their deactivation, so the sewage system is currently working using temporary replacement pumps with pipes installed above the ground.

The pumping system will consist of four big bolts, each bolt can pump to 2 m³ / s, allowing the whole new system to have a minimum processing capacity of 8.000 liters of water per second.

The helical pumps that are partially constructed underground and partially over the ground need to protect Antwerp city from floods during storm tides.

The contract consists of the replacement of the existing pumping station and helical pump and the replacement of the existing wastewater pumping station.

ConstruGomes is responsible for all the reinforcement, formwork, and concrete works.

Technical Solution

Traditional formwork
Shoring system
Metal formwork

Technical Features